Meteen naar de inhoud


Physically stuck in a tunnel, with your rented box truck… Not used to drive a high vehicle, driving through the tunnel you’ve driven through a thousand times with your own car.

It happens on daily basis, not only with rentals but also collisions by professional truck drivers, not paying attention for a split second or just not noticing the road signs with the limited height on it. Even height barriers in front of the tunnel or parking entry doesn’t always prevent serious damage.

The consequences are severe: box trucks are often declared total loss by the insurance company, towing costs, traffic jam, police on the spot and sometimes even trains or boats are stopped, until the construction is technically inspected, or damage repaired.

Experiencing this inconvenience, an idea was born in Borne (NL): what if we can increase the possibility that drivers of high vehicles notice in time that their truck or van is too high for the tunnel, overpass or parking entry? What if more vehicles stop in time, avoiding a collision?

Smart Road Solution – Preventing accidents by accident!